WW Clyde water truck

WW Clyde recently provided water assistance to the town of Lynndyl, Utah, following a malfunctioning well. With the only other well in the area going dry, Lynndyl residents were in desperate need for water to be brought in from other sources. 

At WW Clyde, one of our company values is, “We Value People.” Because we provide employment for several team members living in the area and often work on projects in the community, the company quickly became committed to the cause. 

Lance Greer, Area Manager of Construction Technology at WW Clyde, reached out to find what the company could do to help. From there, WW Clyde was put in touch with the town mayor who suggested that water trucks could be brought in. 

In conjunction with several local fire departments in the area, WW Clyde provided three trucks to deliver water to the town. A new pump was then quickly installed to get the water to residents. 

To alleviate future needs, the state has allocated money to build new drinking water infrastructure in the area. 

Whenever opportunities arise to help the people of the places where we work and reside, WW Clyde remains committed to Building a Better Community.