Utah Division

The Intermountain Division of WW Clyde finds its home in Utah, carrying a rich legacy that spans nearly 100 years. Our division plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape into bustling infrastructures. Our endeavors embody a spirit of resilience and innovation, laying the foundation for our communities to thrive. WW Clyde

Intermountain Division Expertise

Uriel Chica

Intermountain Major Markets

WW Clyde’s team of dedicated construction professionals and engineers hold decades of heavy civil and construction experience. We work with our professional bidding and survey team through all phases of construction.

  • Heavy Civil Services 
  • Industrial Power Civil Services 
  • Mining 
  • Transportation 
  • Renewable Energy Civil Services 
  • Commercial/Residential Civil Services 
  • Water Resources 

Key Customers

Intermountain Construction Services

When you choose WW Clyde, you benefit from our professional team members that together share decades of heavy civil experience in infrastructure, water storage and pipelines, transportation, mining, site preparation, and energy, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects. Our team of experts sets us apart in the field with trust, respect, and commitment that define our reputation. We prioritize safety first and combine that with quality workmanship to build successful partnerships with our clients and project owners.