Bridal Veil Falls Restoration CMGC

Project Overview  The purpose of the Bridal Veil Falls Restoration CMGC project was to design [...]

TRI-Effluent Reservoir Pumping Station

The Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, situated on a 107,000-acre park, is home to the largest [...]

Bridal Veil Falls Flow Restoration CM/GC

WW Clyde, working with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD), is upgrading a diversion [...]

Duchesne Aqueduct Improvement CM/GC

The Duchesne Aqueduct Improvement Project will enhance Central Utah Water Conservancy District’s (CUWCD) ability to [...]

Hamp Regional

This project includes 40 miles of water transmission piping, primarily HDPE, ranging in size from [...]

Sixth Water Flow Control Structure Modifications

This project consists of furnishing and installing a high pressure and high head break bypass [...]

Layton Canal Relocation

This project consisted of the installation of 8,550 feet of 54-inch fused HDPE pipe, 1,650 feet of [...]

Utah State Correctional Facility Offsite Infrastructure

This project provided essential underground infrastructure, site utilities, and services for the new Utah prison [...]

Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modification

The purpose of the Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications project is to upgrade the [...]

Jordanelle Water Reclamation Pipelines

The Jordanelle Water Reclamation Project consists of the construction of three pipelines to convey sewage, [...]