Richfield Shooting Range

WW Clyde donated time and labor towards a new shooting range to be used by Richfield City to help train police officers.  

During the construction process of a project to improve functionality of three sewer ponds, WW Clyde learned that the city would be losing its police shooting range due to non-related construction on another roadway project. The city wondered if there would be enough room within the sewer pond property to relocate the training range.  

Upon hearing of the dilemma, WW Clyde took the opportunity to perform an act of service. The company offered to construct earthen berms and level the new shooting range at no cost. Additionally, Richfield City had a pile of rotomill tailings nearby that WW Clyde was able to haul into place to provide a better finished surface. 

The new shooting range will be able to accommodate handgun and rifle training of police officers up to 200 yards away. Richfield City is currently working with youth groups to perform additional service projects on the range, helping to provide backstops and benches. 

WW Clyde is proud to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Our commitment to our values constantly allows us to help in Building a Better Community