Aditya Joshi Headshot

Growing up in Mumbai, India, Aditya Joshi never imagined that he would make a career for himself in the construction industry.  

“The children in India are expected to be engineers or doctors as adults,” Aditya said. “I had no interest in medicine, but I did have some interest in math.

“My dad has partially been a part of the construction industry in his work, involved in supply chain logistics and warehouse management. Looking at his experience of going different places to be a part of different projects was one of the factors why I indulged myself in civil engineering.”

Aditya came to the United States in 2017 to complete his master’s degree in construction management from Arizona State University. Upon graduation, he found a job with WW Clyde and has been with the company for nearly three years. He appreciates the opportunities he’s found here.

“I have a big chance to grow because the company is expanding,” Aditya said. “It’s great for anyone wanting to do heavy civil work because WW Clyde does just about all aspects of it.”

As a field engineer, Aditya assists in nearly every discipline of the company’s various projects from start to finish.

He’s learned a lot about the industry from his fellow coworkers.

“I feel a personal touch with the professionals that I’ve worked with here,” Aditya said. “Being a first-generation professional in construction from my family, the people have really helped me learn and understand the industry.

“They’ve been especially helpful with understanding some of the technical slang terms used in construction. Not only that, but they’ve helped me tap into the American culture.”

Aditya believes anyone can follow his career path regardless of whether or not they have previous experience or knowledge of the construction industry.

“At first, I was a little hesitant to reach out to people,” Aditya said. “I quickly realized that I could ask anyone anything and they’d be willing to listen and help. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to others rather than just doing things without knowing how to do them.

“It’s better to avoid a lot of extra work, and people are really willing to extend help and guide you through processes. The people here are really humble and professional.”

That attitude towards learning has helped Aditya excel in the industry that was completely foreign to him a few years ago.

Aditya’s work has been very rewarding. He appreciates the opportunities he has to showcase his work.

“It’s really nice to know at the end of the day that my responsibilities help create something that I can proudly show to others,” Aditya said. “That’s what I really enjoy about my job – seeing all of our hard work come together.”