Bryan Pastorius

Bryan Pastorius made a decision to get into the construction industry during school. It’s a decision that has permanently changed his life for the better ever since. 

“I had been going to school to be a chiropractor,” Bryan said. “I was only working in the construction industry to put myself through college. I quickly realized that I enjoyed what I was doing. So, I decided to stay in the construction industry.” 

Because it started as only a side gig, Bryan has had opportunities to slowly learn the trade as he’s progressed in his career. 

“I’m mostly self-made and self-taught,” Bryan said. “I really enjoy learning and teaching others what I know. Most of the skills needed to succeed in this field do not come out of a book.” 

Bryan has enjoyed the various stages of his career that have taken him far and wide throughout the country, working on a variety of projects. 

“I’ve traveled all over for years running projects such as solar sites, windfarms, earth/dam projects, drilling & shoring, and everything in between,” Bryan said. “I’ve worked in job sites in Texas, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, and all over Arizona.” 

For now, Bryan is content with his work as a team member of Blount, the Southwest Division of WW Clyde. 

“When I came to Blount, I had applied for a supervisor position but there weren’t openings available for one at the time,” Bryan said. “I started here as a grade checker/operator before eventually moving into a supervisor position when one became available. I’m currently a site superintendent. 

“I enjoy my position because it allows me the opportunity to mentor upcoming supervisors and operators. I hope to continue my growth with this company and become a division or regional manager, expanding into other states.” 

Bryan has been with Blount for about 12 years and has seen the growth the company has made throughout his time here, including when Blount was acquired by WW Clyde in 2021. 

“I came here during a down economy,” Bryan said. “Blount was growing which was unusual compared to other companies that were closing their doors at the time. It has always felt like an extension of family here. People aren’t just a number, and I love that.” 

Another individual who isn’t just a number is Bryan’s oldest daughter, Ana Pastorius, who also works for Blount as a heavy equipment operator. Bryan cherishes the opportunity he has to work with his daughter as well as other employees just getting started in the industry. 

“My advice for young people getting started in their careers would be to push yourself in your growth,” Bryan said. “It’s important to stay humble, listen, and learn from everyone—not only the seasoned workers but also getting fresh perspectives from even some of the newest people. 

“Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient. Invest in your future at a young age so that you have something set aside for later in life. I think that’s demonstrated well at Blount.”