We Value People Stephanie Moore

Finding a fit in the construction industry wasn’t a straightforward decision for Stephanie Moore, despite her father and grandfather owning and operating an underground pipeline company in Phoenix, Arizona. 

“I used to travel for a software computer company, but I wanted to be more grounded and in town more often,” Stephanie said. “My dad said that he had an entry-level position open if I would like to come and work with him. The whole time growing up, I really knew nothing about the business, but I took the leap and found out that construction is in my blood.” 

Stephanie enjoyed working in the family business. She was able to learn the details of pipe, valves, and fittings while absorbing the basics of construction management. From there, Stephanie moved on by applying her skillset for other contractors, gaining more experience and know-how along the way in various roles and disciplines. 

Underground civil work has been Stephanie’s passion in her career, so when a recruiter from Blount reached out, she knew she wanted the opportunity to get back into that line of work. 

“I was told that Blount was acquired by WW Clyde,” Stephanie said. “Pipeline was also something that was brought up because Blount had recently began bidding wet utility scopes as well. I learned that WW Clyde has a lot of potential to offer their employees, great benefits, and is a reputable company to work for. Coming from a family-owned construction company, it seemed like the perfect fit.” 

When Stephanie told her father that she had applied to work at Blount, he immediately recognized the name. 

“He told me that he knew WW Clyde by their good reputation and that they’ve been around for close to 100 years,” Stephanie said. “Hearing that my dad was so familiar with the company made me think even more that it was a good choice.” 

Stephanie works as a Project Engineer at Blount, with particular focus on the procurement for pipeline and concrete structures—ensuring they meet specifications and that they arrive on time or ahead of schedule. She enjoys the challenges that she faces on a day-to-day basis. 

“Being able to work as a team to brainstorm and find resolutions that are cost effective and productive—there’s satisfaction in that,” Stephanie said. “At times, there’s so much going on and so much that can go wrong at any given time. Running into a challenge like that and then coming together with a resolution is just very satisfying to me.” 

Another challenge that Stephanie has learned to overcome is being a woman in the construction industry. 

“There are some obstacles that we must get over as females, but I think that there are so many opportunities for women in construction these days,” Stephanie said. “I would just encourage every young female who wants to work in pipeline construction, operating heavy equipment, or as an engineer to pursue just that.” 

One way that Stephanie has helped empower women in the field is through the creation of the PrettyDirty&CO brand. It includes an image of her very first hardhat with her father and grandfather’s construction company logo—as painted by a friend. 

“I’ve made vinyl stickers for hard hats and have passed those around the jobsite,” Stephanie said. “I’ve also shared it with my girlfriends who are in construction, sold a number of them to other contractors to pass out to their team, made shirts with the logo on them, and even had it featured on the wrap of a female driver’s race car! I feel like it’s a good way to represent women in the industry. The Moto is ‘Let no woman EVER go unnoticed.’ 

“It’s super cool to walk outside and see my brand on someone’s hard hat. There is definitely a sense of pride I feel each time I see the brand outside of this office trailer. I hope to be an asset to Blount and make my footprint here for years to come.”