TJ Atkinson

Growing up, TJ Atkinson never saw himself working at a desk job. 

“I got some college education,” TJ said. “I was working towards a civil engineering degree, but I decided to opt out of that because I just didn’t see myself pursuing a career where I was stuck indoors all the time.” 

The Chandler, Arizona, native knew that following in the footsteps of his father, Tom Atkinson, would help him create a career that would leave him satisfied. Both TJ and Tom are currently employed at Blount, the Southwest Division of WW Clyde. 

“I started in construction in 2007,” TJ said. “I worked at the Pulliam Airport performing any labor tasks that they required at the time. However, I’ve only been with WW Clyde since last year. Previously, I performed highway work and underground utilities work. I’ve been all over the place — even working in California for 10 years.” 

TJ has seen his fair share of the construction industry and knows the difference an exceptional employer can make. He believes he’s found one in WW Clyde. 

“I love the way that WW Clyde and its parent company, Clyde Companies, takes care of its employees,” TJ said. “It makes me feel more like family instead of a stranger. I’ve worked at places where I’ve just felt like a number, but not here.” 

As a superintendent of underground work, TJ is focused on making sure his crew meets deadlines and helps out whenever and wherever he can. 

“Some of my responsibilities include running a crew and assisting foremen out here with whatever task they need,” TJ said. “Our main focus is quality and production as well as assisting and working with the crew.” 

It’s a work that doesn’t get old for TJ. He hopes to stay on at Blount for some time, eventually moving to higher positions within the company. 

“I want to maintain this title for about 10 years,” TJ said. “Then, I’d like to move up into the position of project superintendent. The appeal there is that I’d be able to support my team and other teams from a higher position. I’d like to support them and get whatever it is that they may need and help them improve their quality and performance.” 

Working with his team brings a great deal of satisfaction to TJ. He hopes to bring in other like-minded individuals to help the company succeed. 

“If you are looking for a great career and have a diverse skillset, come and join us at WW Clyde,” TJ said. “By that, I mean, we can use employees with skills of every level. Crews that just have one specific skill might miss something or something else might get skipped. 

“The most important thing is to find something that is worthwhile and makes you extremely happy. Because if you’re not passionate about the career you’re choosing, then you’re going to have a miserable experience. Whether it’s civil, carpentry, or underground work, there are a ton of opportunities. You just have to know what you want to aspire to, and we can help you get there at WW Clyde.”