We Value People : Tyler Morrow

Tyler Morrow is a man who truly embodies what it means to work hard and be dedicated to your passions. As a surveyor for the Southwest Division of WW Clyde, Tyler has shown that attention to detail and commitment to company values are the keys to success in any position. 

Tyler has been an integral part of the Blount team since 2012. His role as a surveyor requires him to map out precise measurements and boundaries for new construction sites. He believes the people at WW Clyde are what make the company such a great place to work.  

“We’re very people-oriented,” Tyler said. “It’s a great atmosphere to work in. It’s all about people, and there are very nice people here—from management to the field guys and everywhere in between.” 

He’s always been involved with tough projects that require innovative solutions. When Blount was acquired by WW Clyde, Tyler was pleased to see his day-to-day work didn’t experience any significant changes. 

“Nothing major changed,” Tyer said. “It was a smooth transformation. Everything was nice and easy, and there wasn’t a single hiccup. It was just a nice smooth blend.” 

His supervisor, David Arnsdorf — credits Tyler’s commitment to always improving and his ability to balance work and family life as reasons for his success at the company. 

“He’s always asking questions,” David said. “If he doesn’t understand something, he’ll look into it and find ways to improve it. He’s a shining example of the company’s core values, ‘We Value People,’ ‘We Continuously Improve,’ ‘Always Give a Full Measure,’ and ‘Our Word is Our Bond.’ He makes sure he balances his work and family life really well too.” 

Tyler’s dedication to his work doesn’t prevent him from pursuing his other passion, sports. He has been an avid sports enthusiast since he was young, and he has carried that enthusiasm with him throughout his life. He loves to spend time outdoors with his family, particularly when they are engaging in sports-related activities. 

“I come from a sports background,” Tyler said. “We love being interactive with the kids and their sports.” 

His hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. He is a shining example of what it means to bring your A-game every day, and his commitment to excellence has inspired many of his colleagues. 

“A lot of guys reach out to him and get his advice,” David said. “He deserves it. So, it’s good to see he’s getting recognized.” 

In the end, Tyler Morrow is the epitome of what it means to be a dedicated employee and a loving family man. He has found a way to balance his work and personal life, all while bringing his best effort to everything he does. He is committed to Building a Better Community.