Employees working safely

WW Clyde was recently awarded National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) honors. The award is given to companies from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) with an outstanding safety record, and WW Clyde was recognized in the Highway Division of the “425,000 and Up” category for working 1,040,148 hours with just two lost workday cases in 2022. 

The NASA program has been an ongoing effort since 1991 to offer AGC members an opportunity to evaluate their overall safety. NASA compares AGC members’ safety records against each other according to size and construction type. 

Safety awards are given to members who have an incident rate 25% below each division’s average and members who have a zero-incident rate in the following divisions: Building, Highway, Heavy/Industrial, Municipal/Utilities and Associate/Specialty. 

“At WW Clyde, safety isn’t just a box to check—it’s a mindset we live and breathe every day,” said Dustin Olson, President of WW Clyde. “We care about our people like family, and we want to make sure everyone goes home to their loved ones at the end of the day. This award reminds us that we’re not just building projects, we’re building a culture of safety and care.” 

In addition to the NASA award, WW Clyde has received additional safety recognition over the past year, including: 

WW Clyde is proud to be recognized for its commitment to safety. The company has a strong safety culture that is instilled in all employees from the ground up. WW Clyde is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and subcontractors and is constantly looking for ways to improve its safety record.