Asphalt Pro safety tip on micro-learning

WW CLYDE Shares ARTBA Safety Award Tips

At the annual convention for American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) in October 2020, the organization called for attendees to go above and beyond on safety. In fact, they called for attendees to go “beyond zero.”

“Instead of everyone aiming for zero safety incidents as their goal, ARTBA called for us to go beyond zero,” said Nate Neal, safety director at W.W. Clyde, Orem, Utah. “Going beyond zero means changing your company culture so everyone chooses to do what’s safe even if no one is looking.”

Neal knows all about safety culture. W.W. Clyde was recognized at ARTBA’s 2020 convention with a Safety Award for its employee safety program. When asked what makes W.W. Clyde’s program stand out, Neal listed three initiatives that have had a major impact

1) Weekly Inspections
2) Goal of the Day
3) Micro-Learning

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