WWC cleaning up Provo River

Recent flooding in Utah and Nevada, caused by heavier than usual snowfall over the winter, has created widespread damage, but it has also brought out the best in companies stepping up to make a difference. And when disaster strikes, WW Clyde is there to help. 

In Utah, an avalanche came down on part of the Provo River, causing it to back up and flood while eroding its banks. WW Clyde is working with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District and Utah County to restore the river banks and repair the road at Bridal Veil Falls.  

Crews are working quickly and efficiently while using a variety of erosion control techniques to ensure that the repairs are long-lasting. The team is also working to minimize disruption to the surrounding area. 

In Nevada, a high volume of spring runoff has filled the Eagle Valley Reservoir and high flows are going over the spillway of the dam. There are two places that the road crosses the river where the existing drainage couldn’t handle the flows, resulting in flooding of the roadway. WW Clyde is working to install new culverts and repair the road on SR-322 near Pioche. 

The company is using heavy machinery and specialized equipment to make sure the repairs are completed safely and efficiently. Team members are also working with the Nevada Department of Transportation to minimize disruption to traffic. 

Plans are in place to complete repairs for both projects by May 26 to allow for visitor access over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. 

WW Clyde is committed to providing quality work and fast response times to the community whenever in need. When emergencies arise, the company is ready to jump in and tackles tough projects with innovative solutions. WW Clyde is proud to be able to help in Building a Better Community during challenging times.