Earth Retention Work at the Block 23 Project

Block 23 is a multifamily project that posed several challenges that required months of planning and careful engineering. What could be more demanding than excavating and shoring an entire city block in the middle of downtown Phoenix? Add in an existing 3 level below-grade parking garage that has to be demolished during the construction of the new basement.

Block 23 is a mixed-use commercial/residential tower rising in the middle of the city. This project required innovative solutions to retain the earth during the excavation of the new garage. One solution was to utilize two walls of the existing basement as shoring for the new basement construction. This was accomplished by utilizing specialty drilling equipment to tie back the existing walls before demolition. Months of careful planning, engineering, and scheduling allowed for successful project execution. Poor site soils, the presence of a large diameter underground water tunnel, and coordinating with the demolition contractor did not stop us from completing this project.  Our team worked hard to meet the needs of our client.  By project completion, it was evident that their efforts had paid off.