Hanapepe River Bridge Opens Finished Open to Traffic

The Hanapepe River Bridge project is located at Milepost (MP) 16.6 on Kaumualii Highway (State Route 50) in the Waimea District on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. This project improves mobility for highway users; addresses existing structural deficiencies; and meets current design standards for roadway width, load capacity, barrier railing and transitions, and approach roadways.  

Principle work items include:

  • Construction Survey and Staking
  • Contractor quality control and testing
  • Removal of structures and obstructions 
  • Water system installation
  • Traffic control
  • 2,440 CY of roadway excavation
  • 821 CY of structural excavation
  • cofferdams
  • 740 CY of riprap
  • 85 CY of grouted riprap
  • 1,430 CY of concrete
  • 2,732 LF of precast, prestressed concrete girder
  • 324,000 LB of reinforcing steel
  • 600 LF of epoxy coated reinforcing steel
  • 1,010 LB of reinforcing steel (uncoated, specialty high strength corrosion resistant)
  • 712 LF of concrete bridge railing
  • 1,830 LF of 48-inch diameter drilled shaft