This project included the structural concrete for all of the major foundations on this 600 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant including two Heat Recovery Steam Generator Pads, two Combustion Turbine Generator Pads, one  Cooling Tower and Pump Basin pad, and Steam Turbine Generator pads. Work included all subgrade preparation, rebar installation and forming, and placing and striping of concrete. Project was fast tracked requiring several foundations to be built concurrently. Work required the placement of nearly 9000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete, with associated reinforcing steel, and the installation of 1052 large-diameter anchor bolts in four months.

W.W. Clyde & Co. was a subcontractor to CH2M Hill on this project, who was working for Pacificorp. In addition to the concrete placement, W.W. Clyde was also responsible to install the anchor bolts for all of the major equipment on each foundation. The accuracy of the anchor bolts was especially critical, with a tolerance of only 1/100th of an inch, so it was critical that W.W. Clyde install and support these anchor bolts effectively. W.W. Clyde was successful in installing and maintaining the location of these bolts and all of them were within the allowed tolerance. This structural concrete package was on the critical path of the project schedule and the aggressive nature of this schedule was the main reason that CH2M Hill awarded it to W.W. Clyde. Not only did W.W. Clyde meet this schedule, but we also achieved substantial completion on this package a month early by utilizing W.W. Clyde’s labor and equipment resources.

This project more than doubled the size of the existing power plant. WW Clyde has overseen the import and export of materials, installation of an 84-inch concrete lined steel pipe for the circ waterline which risers had to measure precisely to connect to a future project, over 3,000 feet of 16-inch pressurized fresh water line, 800-900 feet of horizontal boring for an 18-inch HDPE outfall water line, and additional T& M contracts.

CH2MHill awarded WW Clyde & Co. their Outstanding Contractor award and their Safe Work Hours award for reaching 100,000 manhours without a lost time incident on this project.