This project involved the reconstruction of Main Street through Moab, Utah. Five blocks of downtown Moab were constructed with 12 inches of open graded sub-base (8,021 cubic yards) and 11 1/2 inches of PCCP (24,062 square yards). The rest of the project required roto milling 3 inches of existing asphalt and placing 5 inches of Hot Mix Asphalt plus 1 inch of Open Grade Surface Course(4,751 tons). Other incidental items of work included roadway excavation (19,340 cubic yards), drainage (7,831 lineal feet), repair of a box culvert structure, decorative street lighting, signals, and ATMS components.

The potential impact on downtown business was tremendous. W.W. Clyde & Co. provided a full time public information coordinator to work with business owners and other concerned citizens, and made special provisions to direct the public to alternate parking areas and to protect the public from construction zone activities.