W.W. Clyde & Co. was the managing partner on this project, which involved the construction of a new 70 MGD capacity Water Treatment Plant with the capability to increase to 151 MGD.  The plant features an open reservoir with an earthen embankment to hold 42 million gallons of raw water. Treated water is stored in two 10 million gallon enclosed concrete reservoirs. The plant uses state-of-the art disinfection processes: ozone, Ultra Violet disinfection, and conventional filters.

Work consisted of the construction of an enhanced conventional treatment plant with ozonation and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection processes and included a Plant Inlet and Flocculation and Sedimentation Facility: Ozonation, Filtration and UV Disinfection Facility; Operations Building, Chemical Building; Finished Water Pump Station; Solids Settling Basins; Maintenance Building; and all civil and mechanical piping, sitework, earthwork, electrical, instrumentation, and other related work.

This is one of the largest hydraulic basin retaining treatment plant structures in Utah. The concrete also has one of the highest reinforcement quantities for a plant this size. The reinforcement was over an average of 333 lbs. per cubic yard of concrete. The concrete finishes finished at an ACI Class A finish, and hydraulic retention was at 100%.  The concrete for this project was finished with the same quality as has been completed with all of our projects.

This project received Intermountain Contractor’s Best of 2007 Civil/Infrastructure Project and the 2007 AGC Utility Project of the Year Award.