This project involved the rehabilitation of an existing tunnel with the construction of approximately 100 lineal feet of 10-foot diameter outlet tunnel.  Pipeline installed on the project totaled 107 lineal feet of 120” steel pipe. A 120” hydraulic heavy duty sluice gate was constructed.

The dam rehabilitation included the following: removing existing riprap on the upstream face of the dam; the flattening of the upstream dam slope; the removal and disposal of sediment along the upstream toe of the dam; construction of an earthen stabilization berm on the upstream face of the dam; the provision and installation of  riprap and riprap bedding on the upstream face of the dam; and the replacement of riprap bedding on top of the stabilization berm demolishing the existing guard gate structure and a portion of the existing outlet tunnel.

Also included was 70,000 cubic yards of reservoir embankment, the construction of a new control building, installation of buried conduits, excavation, dewatering, providing river water management; along with the environmentally sensitive restoration and re-vegetation of areas disturbed during construction.