W.W. Clyde & Co. played a major role in the construction of the championship quality South Mountain Golf Course. This 7,273-yard 18-hole course, designed by Graham and Panks International, was built on the side of a mountain with steep terrain and many deep gullies. W.W. Clyde moved 1.1 million yards of dirt in a mere 6 months, coming in substantially under budget — all while maintaining and protecting the natural vegetation and surroundings. W.W. Clyde worked with Foremost Construction to shape the fairways and greens on the course using a D-6 dozer.

Foremost commented that this was the first time they had worked with a dirt contractor that actually put the dirt where they needed it. W.W. Clyde also constructed more than 900 feet of rock retaining wall and 20 water detention basins with the adjoining drainage system. The irrigation system is supplied by a 500,000-gallon water tank also built by W.W. Clyde. Quality workmanship was instrumental to the success of this project.