Utah Prison Offsite Utility Construction Installing utilities

This project provided essential underground infrastructure, site utilities, and services for the new Utah prison in Salt Lake County. It included water lines, sewer lines, road paving, and extensive communication with many general contractors in the same area working on various segments of the new prison.

    The scope of work included:

  • 6.7 miles of paved roadway
  • 2.5 miles of two parallel 16-inch sanitary sewer forced main pipelines
  • 4 miles of 24-inch welded steel pipe waterline
  • 8 Drainage boxes
  • Six 4-foot manholes
  • Ten 5-foot manholes

The project location was very close to the Great Salt Lake, which resulted in groundwater appearing just 18 inches below the surface. Because of this one of the greatest challenges on this project was an exceptionally high water table. We developed a robust dewatering system with wells, sump pumps, generators, and a dedicated water management team.

This project also gave us the opportunity to utilize innovative techniques. In one instance, the soft ground resulted in our heavy equipment sinking into the ground. Our team placed heavy Geotextile fabric to increase the ground’s rigidity so the weight of the equipment would be more evenly distributed. This simple, straightforward solution shows that our team was willing to explore options, big or small, in order to optimize the efficiency of the work to achieve a successful project.