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Are you ready to leave a lasting impact at work? Skanska-Clyde is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a historic $1.6 billion joint venture project. We’re hiring over 700 positions through 2027, and we want you to join us in building something that truly matters. There hasn’t been a project like this in the United States since the 1970s. Apply now and be a part of a legacy for generations to come!

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Project Info

About the Uinta Basin Rail Project Information

Introducing the Uinta Basin Railway project—a revolutionary infrastructure project that will transform the way goods are transported in northeastern Utah. For decades, the region has struggled with freight transportation challenges, hindering economic growth and sustainability. But now, with the completion of this project, a safe and cost-effective mode of transportation will become a reality, bringing about economic stability and enriched quality of life for the communities in the basin.

The public-private partnership project connects the national railway network, providing an environmentally friendly transportation option. With 88 total miles of track, the route will include multiple tunnels, rail bridges, road bridges, culverts, and sidings to allow trains to pass in opposite directions. The railway will also have power lines for signals, communications, and safety equipment.

Industries throughout the basin will benefit from the railway, including mineral, energy, agricultural, construction, and manufacturing industries. The project will provide the much-needed infrastructure to economically transport goods to and from the basin. The route will cross 12 miles of Ashley National Forest and 8.1 miles of Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation lands.

Join us in ushering in a new era of economic growth, sustainability, and progress for northeastern Utah.

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Positions Timeline

Hiring Positions

Immediate Needs: 

  • Segment Managers: May-November 2023
  • Segment Construction Managers: May-November 2023
  • Discipline Superintendents (Earthwork, Drainage, Structures, Utilities, Track, etc.): May 2023-July 2024
  • Discipline Project Engineers (Earthwork, Drainage, Structures, Utilities, Track, etc.): May 2023-July 2024
  • Discipline Field Engineers (Earthwork, Drainage, Structures, Utilities, Track, etc.): May 2023-July 2024
  • Discipline Field Supervisors (Earthwork, Drainage, Structures, Utilities, Track, etc.): May 2023-July 2024
  • Safety Staff: May 2023-July 2024

Future Needs: 

  • Environmental Staff: May 2023-July 2024
  • Future Needs: 
  • Quality Staff: April-July 2024 
  • Project Controls/Cost/Quantity/Schedule Staff: April-July 2024 
  • Equipment Staff: April-July 2024 
  • Materials/Trucking/Logistics Staff: October 2023-July 2024 
  • Equipment Operators: October 2023-2027 
  • Laborers: October 2023-2027 
  • Truck Drivers: October 2023-2027 
  • Carpenters/Construction Specialists: October 2023-2027 


  • October 2022-May 2024: Preconstruction Services
  • June 2023-May 2024: Planning/Design Field Work
  • May 2024-2027: Permanent Construction Work