We Value People, Lennie Bohteilho

Lennie Boteilho has led a varied career covering nearly every aspect of the construction industry. Now, he’s making an impact at WW Clyde.  

His construction path began early—just after high school. 

“When I was 18, I started surveying and began to like engineering and being outdoors building projects,” Lennie said. “I grew up in a mining community. I came to like the industry and all the challenges that come with it from many perspectives—location, environment, technology, government, and public. I like seeing progress on projects that show value to society.” 

Lennie has been involved with a wide variety of projects while serving in various positions throughout his career ranging from surveyor, land manager, environmental manager, manager of environmental affairs, senior project manager, engineering manager, senior manager, vice president of mining to his current role as Area Manager of Mining & Industrial for WW Clyde. 

“Throughout my career I’ve relocated as necessary to continue growing with new challenges along the way,” Lennie said. “I’m dedicated to studying for my positions and making sure that I’m around mentors with knowledge and experiences to share. I enjoy working in different countries and experiencing different cultures.” 

The diversity and wide range of experience that Lennie has had has given him opportunities that otherwise might not have been there. He appreciates being able to share what he’s learned through the years with his peers. 

“I enjoy the opportunity that I have to work with an experienced group of people,” Lennie said. “I have the ability to grow the business sector of the company, and I have the opportunity to pass knowledge on to younger people while helping to cultivate them.” 

It’s the challenges of the industry that keep Lennie going and continue to shape him and his business philosophies. 

“I love the ever-changing challenges in construction,” Lennie said. “It’s been fun working with different people in different environments while building projects that benefit society and improve the quality of life of others—all while protecting the natural environment that we live in.” 

Lennie hopes to continue to support the advancement of new technology that helps make a difference—all the way from safety through to the finished product.  

That kind of attention to detail has helped Lennie go far in life, and he believes it will equally help those looking to get ahead early in their construction careers. 

“I would invite those just getting started in their careers to stay involved, ask questions, and always be willing to travel in order to gain knowledge and experiences,” Lennie said. “It’s important to get involved with associations and to be around other professionals while building a solid network of individuals. You’ll go far in life if you do those things.”