Technology and Innovation

We live by our company motto: “Tough Projects. Innovative Solutions.” For years WW Clyde has led the industry in implementing new 3D construction technologies to streamline work and make building projects more efficient. Our company leadership has maintained a forward-thinking vision of the possibilities, value, and benefits of building work from 3D models. Evidence of this is our dedicated Construction Technology Department and our extensive investment in company-owned technology, from fixed and aerial LIDAR, 3D modeling software, the latest machine guidance control equipment, field tablets, software, and more. Our well-maintained $50 M fleet of equipment includes top-of-the-line GPS and total station grade control systems, which allow our team to construct superior projects.

For over a decade, we have been pioneering the adoption of the latest survey and imaging software into our projects. One of the early examples we have of our proven success in 3D reconstruction modeling is receiving the 2016 Innovation Award from the Utah Department of Transportation for successfully advancing their Intelligent Design and Construction initiative on the SR-20 Passing Lane CMGC project. WW Clyde was also the first to perform an ‘accelerated bridge construction slide method’ along the I-15 corridor in Mesquite, NV.

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