Industrial and Power Service Provider

At WW Clyde, we offer comprehensive industrial and power civil services used in infrastructure and right-of-way construction. Our team excels in delivering innovative solutions for all of your infrastructure and utility needs. We specialize in providing earthwork to construct new and upgrade existing infrastructure, and in providing maintenance and repair services. We harness the power of engineering to meet the evolving demands of the industrial and power sectors.

Industrial Power Civil Services Expertise

WW Clyde builds the supports and installation of infrastructure and offers design and management of the project. We act as an EPC contractor, where we engineer, procure, and construct, similar to a Design-Build. We have experience completing engineering to understand and build what is needed. We provide civil support for transmission projects. We have experience pouring pads for towers, minimizing terrain invasion, rock blasting, clearing the land, cutting roads, making minimal clearances, dust control, and more.

Industrial/Power Civil Service Projects