We are committed to tackling tough projects with innovative solutions, no matter the size or scope of the project. WW Clyde is a professional contractor with immense experience and a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness. Our portfolio of projects spans across highways, pipelines, bridges, dams, airports, mines, and environmental reclamation projects throughout the Intermountain West and Southwest, including Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, and more.

As a dynamic and evolving contractor, we have a broad range of experience in numerous fields of heavy civil construction, including alternative delivery, infrastructure, water, transportation, mining and reclamation, site preparation, and energy. We have a team of experts who specialize in these areas who have dedicated their careers to being best in the field.

When you work with WW Clyde, you can count on a transparent and trustworthy partner that knows how to listen and collaborate for the best outcomes. We make sure every project has the discussion and communication required to achieve the best value for the client.

We are committed to do our best to serve our clients and project owners. Our reputation is built on trust – delivering what we say and when we say we will, over and over again, for nearly 100 years. That reputation is based on our mission of building a better community and reinforced by the long list of awards we’ve received over the years for our high quality, industry excellence, outstanding safety record, and successful partnering methods.

What Our Clients Say

Owners Rep

WW Clyde is a great partner on projects because they are very collaborative. Their books are completely open, they’re very transparent, and that is refreshing to know that they’re not trying to hide anything—they want to make the best project possible.

H.G. Kunzler / Project Manager Avenue Consultants

Owners Rep

As an engineering firm, we always see more success on a project when we involve WW Clyde early in the project. They answer a lot of the critical questions that ultimately end up saving everybody involved in the project a lot of costs and it ultimately shortens the timeline.

Brian Barton / President/CEO Jones and Demille Engineering

Owners Rep

They take the time and effort to make sure that they understand your project. They seek to understand what you want but they also want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting. They’re committed to ensuring success of your project.

Rob Dalton / Mine Manager Materion

They came and proposed a solution to us that was something we hadn’t thought of before. It saved the project a significant amount of money and that’s typical of WW Clyde and their experienced project managers.

K.C. Shaw / Chief Engineer Cental Utah Water Conservancy District

Quality is very important to WW Clyde and it’s evident in the end products that come out of their work.

Brian Barton / President/CEO Jones and Demille Engineering

We have successfully partnered with WW Clyde using the CM/GC process for design and construction several times throughout the years. More recently WW Clyde was selected for the Victory Pipeline project in Duchesne County which used the CM/GC process. Working with WW Clyde throughout the design and construction process, the project was able to be completed under budget while adding additional features.

Ted Mickelsen / Region Director Jones and Demille Engineering

A lot of effort is involved in developing projects as a design-build procurement on a short schedule. Our recent project received a lot of national attention due to the innovation offered by our design-builder, WW Clyde, and their design-build team.

Rudy Malfabon / Director Nevada Department of Transportation

I have been fortunate to work with WW Clyde as Chief Engineer on several projects. My experience has always been positive working with WW Clyde. The Olmsted Flowline project was a CMGC delivery and WW Clyde provided several excellent ideas that reduced the cost of the project significantly.

KC Shaw,P.E. / Chief Engineer Central Water Conservancy District


WW Clyde has a reputation for tackling tough jobs that require work in extreme conditions or environmentally sensitive locations. A willingness to confront and conquer these challenges the first time around has been a hallmark of WW Clyde’s success. Our dedication is powered by our mission of building a better community and the core values upon which our company is built—values that are not merely words on paper, but a way of life.

We Value People

We emphasize the importance of long-term goals, professional development, and educational opportunities.

Our Word is Our Bond

Commitment and trust are attributes that simply cannot be compromised.

Always Give a Full Measure

Are you giving a full measure? We commit to answering that question with a confident yes.


We aim to be the best in the business and show that through our ingenuity.

Operating Throughout the Western United States

We are prepared and capable of working in most states. We have experience in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, or New Mexico.

Whether in an urban area or remote desert location, we are prepared to take on any challenging project in your unique geographic location with our broad expanse of experience across the Intermountain West. We are interested in creating new partnerships. Please reach out to us today.


Our people are the most valuable part of our organization. Their experience across the markets we serve is the main reason why our partners choose us. With decades of experience in the civil construction industry, our team can deliver on any size infrastructure project across nearly every sector. They don’t back down when challenged, are thoughtful about their work, and watch out for one another when it comes to safety. 

Safety First

Our highest priority is keeping our employees, clients, and the public safe. We give our people the tools, training, and guidance to help them stay safe. We continually monitor all situations and train our people to recognize unsafe acts so that we can achieve this goal.

Innovative Solutions

We look for ways to benefit our clients, add value, and develop new ways to improve quality. We are not content with the status-quo. Whether this is through new technology, alternative methods, or simply thinking outside the box, we are committed to creating the best solutions for our clients.

Trustworthy and Dependable

At WW Clyde, we do what we say we will. You can have confidence that we will handle your job with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Our lines of communication are open, and our track record shows the success we have had as a contractor, partner, and joint-venture member. You can trust our reputation of integrity because we have earned it.

Excellence in Partnering

With every project we work on, we place a high priority on partnering with the owner and stakeholders, taking the time to understand the owner’s vision, and working as a team player to make their vision a reality. We build business relationships on a foundation of communication, transparency, and trust. WW Clyde has received two Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence Awards from the National AGC for our ability to collaborate closely with project owners. Whether it’s working with owners, community stakeholders, or in a joint venture, we are an excellent partner.


We’ve been in the building industry for nearly 100 years. Our breadth of experience can give you the assurance that your project will be built correctly. We strive to complete projects on time and on budget, no matter the size or difficulty. With nearly a century in the industry, you can depend on our extensive experience in heavy civil construction projects.