Legacy Development Construction in Elizabeth, CO

Legacy will be the third project we have completed for Lennar Homes in Elizabeth, CO since 2017. Ritoro and Gold Creek are the connecting fillings to Legacy, both were successful projects for Lennar and IHC Scott, which in turn led us to a negotiated contract for the Legacy portion. Legacy is a GC contract consisting of nearly 1 million yards of mass excavation, CDOT turn lanes, wet utilities, pond structures, grading, concrete flat work, and asphalt.

The project team did a great job throughout the project identifying issues ahead of time, relaying them to the engineers and the owner reps adding nearly 2 million dollars of additional revenue to the project.

Throughout the job, the team dealt with groundwater, hard dig soils, material shortages, added sub-exed lots after roadways, weather events, and accept delivery date changes. The team worked diligently to get acceptance of job completion by the end of June 2023.