The Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, situated on a 107,000-acre park, is home to the largest industrial park in the world, encompassing a 30,000-acre complex. This development boasts some of the world’s largest factories and data centers, solidifying its position as a major hub for industrial activities. As part of ongoing infrastructure development, the project includes the construction of two essential pump stations. The first is a low-head pump station (Lower Pump Station), while the second is a high-head pump station (Upper Pump Station). Additionally, the project involves the installation of four pumps, each capable of pumping 10,000 gallons per minute. To enhance water storage capacity, a one-million-gallon welded steel tank will be constructed. The undertaking also necessitates the installation of 14,300 feet of 30-inch diameter ductile iron pipe, including a 110-foot 42-inch jack bore across USA Parkway. A potable water system, comprising approximately 4,550 feet of pipes of various sizes, a cathodic protection system, and a bore at the NDOT right-of-way, will also be implemented to ensure a reliable water supply.

The work consisted of
low head pump station (Lower Pump Station). 

The construction of a high head pump station (Upper Pump Station),  4 each at 10,000gpm. 

1 MG welded steel tank, 

14,300 feet of 30 inch diameter ductile iron pipe, with 110′ 42″ jack bore across USA Parkway  

4,550 feet of potable water system of varying size pipe, cathodic protection system and bore at NDOT right-of-way