Allium Street is a limited access service road allowing vehicle traffic entrance to the east side of the airfield at Denver International Airport (DEN). These roads are critical for airfield maintenance, fire fighting, and construction vehicles. The existing asphalt was badly deteriorated, and the area adjacent to Taxiway EC was out of FAA compliance. This project replaced the failed pavement and corrected the transverse grade issues.

Construction activities occurred under an interesting blend of CDOT and FAA specifications. While roadway materials and specifications had to meet CDOT requirements, safety, environmental and all other aspects of the project fell under FAA regulations.

Recycled aggregate was used for the aggregate base course and for the #67 coarse aggregate in the concrete mix. This was produced at DEN’s north recycling yard, eliminating the import of new materials and the associated trucking.

Closure of Taxiway EC was restricted to a maximum 34 days. Construction was complete and the taxiway reopened in 21 days. The project finished on time, with no accidents.