2021 Annual Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation (AAPR) is a yearly project released by the City and County of Denver at Denver International Airport. The scope of work on these projects can vary from year to year based on the maintenance needs of the airport at the time. This year’s project is a 150 calendar-day schedule that has been broken down into seven different phases. The scope of work on the project involves everything from PCCP panel replacement to emulsified asphalt overlay to friction remediation on aging runway pavements.

As part of the project, a Denver Area milestone was reached, IHC Scott produced the first successful placement of our own 6-hour, high early mix design. This mix was used on both the Fire Station 31 apron and Gate 1 entrance which produced a strength of 3000 psi that accommodated shuttle bus traffic three hours after placement. The main chunks of PCCP placement came from three phases, Taxiway CN, Taxiway AN, and Taxiway P which made up over 75% of the 12,000 SY project, with two phases being completed simultaneously in the schedule.