W.W. Clyde & Co. performed work in Ashton, Idaho to replace the existing dam as part of a two-phase project.This project consisted of:
  • Constructing a new reinforced concrete crest slab to replace the existing slab removed for dam excavation;
  • Constructing a new headrace wall, buttress walls, spillway training walls, and powerhouse wall with a total combined quantity of over 2500 cubic yards of concrete
  • Sandblasting, lead containment, recoating  spillway steel radial gates
  • Installing piezometers and spillway gate operating mechanism
  • Over 75,000 cubic yards of dam excavation and constructing a new zoned earthfill dam
  • Drilling investigative holes and grouting  an old abandoned outlet conduit
  • Demolishing and removing existing structures to allow for new construction
Video of the project timeline can be viewed here.