IHC Scott is working along the I-80 corridor in the Nebraska panhandle near Brownson, NE. The project entails rebuilding 7.18 miles of I-80 in both directions. The scope includes removal and replacement of existing interstate with 12” Doweled Concrete Pavement, removal and replacement of ramps at exit 48, rest area demolition, new truck parking for a future rest area, bridge rehab and widening, culvert extensions, earthwork, and link 17C bridge membrane and asphalt paving.

IHC Scott’s team has been working hard through the winter and with the coordination of subcontractors and vendors are able to complete all concrete paving and associated items in 1 season. While a bridge and a few related items will be completed in 2023, all concrete paving will be finished in 2022, allowing the Nebraska West Area crew to add more work in 2023.

IHC Scott has also been working hard to find opportunities wherever possible. The team was granted approval to install all rumble strips into the plastic concrete pavement behind the paver, which eliminates the need to bring in a subcontractor after the pavement is finished to mill the rumble strips into the concrete. The team was also able to eliminate concrete islands within the truck parking section of the future rest area, which not only saved money but makes the paving plan so much easier to perform. This modification also benefits the owner as snowplows will not need to worry about islands when plowing this area.