This project consists of the replacement of revenue control systems in the passenger and employee parking lots and the replacement of vehicle access control equipment throughout restricted roadways at DIA. Our work includes removal and replacement of new gate arms, parking ticket machines, variable message boards, badge readers, and automatic vehicle identification equipment. Intermountain Electric is performing the electrical work, Western Industrial Contractors are performing all structural work, and Maximum Civil Construction is performing all excavation, island, and curb, and gutter removal and replacement. IHC Scott is managing the project as well as completing concrete pavement removal and replacement.

Our scope includes 24 different permit packages, which encompass 145 individual upgraded lanes. To date, the following lots have been completed:

• East and West Economy Parking Entrance and Exit (14 lanes)
• East and West Garage Parking Entrance and Exit (38 lanes) Currently, Pikes Peak Parking Lot West Exit and Entry Plaza are under construction with Mt. Elbert Parking Lot is slated next.

Parking Revenue Control Systems Upgrades

Parking is one of DIA’s largest profit centers, so there are numerous stakeholders and substantial coordination required to complete work at each location. Originally slated to begin in April of 2020, COVID-19 and other DIA projects pushed the start back to August 2020. Rapidly changing passenger counts and differing site conditions have made the project sequence dynamic. Bid phasing required all public parking lots to be completed prior to moving on to employee lots, but as passenger counts fell, numerous public lots were removed from the project. As counts later rose and exceeded pre-COVID numbers, DIA directed the project to complete work in previously removed parking lots to increase capacity at short notice.