The Gold Creek project is a turnkey job for us located in Elizabeth Colorado for Lennar Homes. It is Filing 2 and 3 of the old Ritoro project that we completed 3 years ago and added 205 lots for future homes in this area. IHC Scott’s role on the project was to deliver the project in its entirety from a grass laden field to a new housing development ready to start building houses. The project started off at a contract value of $8.8 Million and ended at $11.1 Million. We started off the job by moving over 1 million cubic yards of dirt for sub-ex and cut/fill to get the development into shape. We then proceeded to install over 8,000 LF of sanitary sewer main and over 11,000 LF of water main for the future homes. Once we finished installing all of the utilities on the job we moved into road prep and getting ready to pour 18,000 LF of combo curb, gutter and sidewalk.

The last piece and most exciting part of the project was building and installing a con-span bridge to go over the creek separating Ritoro Filing 1 and Gold Creek Filing 2. The bridge spanned a total of 85 LF and cost about $1 million from start to finish. This project was all hands on deck for all employees here at IHC Scott in order to deliver the project in time for Lennar to hit its business goals for the end of the year. Most people at Lennar and even some people in our own office did not believe that the project team could deliver it on time. This meant 7 days a week for 3 months straight from our crews to be able to pull this off. At the end of the project, Lennar and IHC Scott celebrated a miracle for the books in both our companies and IHC Scott walked away with the 2019 NUCA Award for best underground utility project of the year.