Interstate 49 Reconstruction on the Louisiana Arkansas State Line

This project is located between the Louisiana state line and Doddridge, Arkansas. It is a 4.3 mile section of controlled access divided highway that was designated as Highway 549. After completion, it was re-designated as Interstate 49, and became the stretch of I-49 which filled in the missing piece to connect I-30 at Texarkana, Arkansas south to I-10 at Lafayette, Louisiana.

The project consisted of the preparation of subgrade built in previous contracts, placement of cement stabilized crushed stone base course, ACHM bond breaker, and 12” PCCP for the four lane divided highway and 2 ramps. Upon completion, over 138,900 square yards of 12” PCCP were placed.

Smoothness incentive was based on a specification that allows a maximum incentive of 6% for a profile index of 2 in/mi or less with a 0.1” blanking band. IHC earned 5.52% of the maximum 6.0% incentive.