McFarland Solar Phase B: This project for AES included site preparation for a 300 MW solar & BESS facility. The project scope included site clearing, excavation, and concrete foundations for the Inverters and BESS.

The site needed to be cleared of vegetation throughout the full 1,800 Acres.  The grading of the array area consisted of moving 2.1 million cubic yards of material. Installed 83,000 linear feet of native roadway for site access that was scarified and compacted to a depth of 24”.  Installed 5,000 LF of a combination of asphalt, and aggregate low-water crossing with cut-off walls. Inverter and Bess foundations consisted of 58 locations dispersed through the array.  Foundations totaled 464 CY of concrete that was installed and managed by a hot weather plan due to the heat of Southern Arizona.