This project was built in conjunction with the Point of the Mountain Water Treatment Plant project and consisted of construction of a 9 acre earthen embankment reservoir. The reservoir basin was lined with 40 mil HDPE. The reservoir required both an inlet and outlet structure connected to 84-inch welded steel pipe, concrete encased through the embankment. The two structures required instrumentation and control equipment to operate 96-inch x 96-inch slidesluice gates with an operating head of 35 feet.

The dam was originally designed with concrete paving as the lining on the face, but we worked with the engineer to redesign using a synthetic liner to improve longevity and leak performance. Recognizing the potential for seepage, our team innovatively developed a remotely controlled monitoring system to reduce manhours for instrumentation monitoring. The system avoided having to drop gauges and take measurements, allowing the plant manager the ability to read results remotely from within the operations building.