T/W P4 Relocation and T/W J Reconstruction

IHC Scott is the prime contractor on this multi-phased, 195-calendar day, project
at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport in the North West Texas Panhandle. The project consists of full reconstruction and widening of two taxiways with drainage and electrical improvements. IHC Scott was selected based on the Best Value Proposal submitted in July of 2020 and received an award of the project in September of 2020. This project is being handled through the Southwest Area.

The project hit an immediate roadblock when the FAA rescinded the previously approved project phasing, which utilized a displaced runway threshold, only weeks before construction was set to commence. This decision put the project in precari- ous position of funding being revoked. Fortunately, we were able to diligently work with the Airport and Engineer to develop revised phasing which both appeased the FAA and optimize the construction schedule and sequencing. The project was able to break ground on March 1, 2021 and is now fully underway. Over 6.5-month project duration, crews will be removing 33,000 SY of pavement, moving 14,000 CY of dirt, placing 39,000 SY of 6 in. Cement Treated Base, placing 18,000 SY of 15 1⁄2 in. PCCP, and 25,000 tons of various types of aggregate base.

Our crews have quickly learned about the unrelenting winds that are common in this area of the country. Despite the weather conditions, the project was able to progress as scheduled. All pavement removals have been

to begin placing PCCP as well as move into the next phase of construction (Phase2). Phase 2 will take the airport’s primary 13,000 ft. runway out of service for a full 60 days. This will be a critical phase for the project and the airport as they will be operating at limited capacity for the duration of this phase. The project is looking to be completed ahead of schedule with a target completion in August 2021.