State Highway 14 from I-25 East to Weld County Road Reconstruction

This Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Concrete Overlay project provided 242,292 square yards of concrete whitetopping along State Highway 14 from I-25 East to Weld County Road 23. This overlay project is aimed at providing the traveling public with a high quality and durable paved surface for years to come. In addition to the new concrete roadway, the project improved storm and irrigation drainage, as well as updated signage and pavement marking.

Highway 14 is the main thoroughfare between Greeley and Fort Collins. Completing this project in the 138-day duration, with minimal traffic impacts and full consideration of safety to the traveling public was of utmost importance to CDOT. The project employed temporary traffic signals to alternate 1-way traffic over a 2-mile distance in order to complete the construction of half of the highway. In the middle of these temporary signals were several county roads and private driveways, all of which posed a huge safety risk of people entering the highway in the wrong direction. The project team was able to study the traffic counts and set the timing of the signal to cause minimal delays. Flaggers stationed at the county roads and driveways provided positive control of the traffic entering the highway. This project recorded no major accidents and no major traffic delays throughout the duration.