This two year Wayne County Airport Authority project at Detroit Metropolitan Airport consisted of the reconstruction of Taxiways Whiskey and Sierra, which included adjoining Taxiways Victor and Papa. The project included removals of existing concrete and asphalt base, earth excavation, storm sewer, inlets & underdrains, P-209 aggregate base, P-403 asphalt base and P-501 17” and 9” PCCP. It also included change order work that consisted of removing and replacing the concrete and asphalt base at Delta Gates, as well as adding a new entrance drive for the Aeromod building.

Divided into 8 phases with 8 sub-phases, the project provided 175,000 sy of 9”, 12” and 17” concrete pavement. The weather definitely had an effect on the schedule as the second year alone experienced approximately 40 plus days of recorded precipitation during the course of the work. The project still finished on time, which was the result of a concerted effort between the prime contractor and all sub-contractors.