Located on the west side of the Denver International Airport (DEN) Concourses, Taxiways F and G provide access to all west side Runways. During the winter months, they also provide access to critical Deice Pads.

The construction area included seven connector Taxiways as well as three Deice Pads. Multiple utilities traverse the project limits, including Xcel Energy electric and natural gas lines, Denver Water lines, jet fuel lines, communication lines, sanitary lines, storm sewer lines, and associated structures.

The scope included removal and replacement of approximately 22,000 sy of 17″ and 21″ thick PCCP panels; 123,000 lf of joint seal repair; electrical system renovation including new light fixtures and cable; grading and drainage upgrade to comply with FAA criteria; repair and adjustment of utility structures, and 13 acres of seed/mulch.

All existing concrete and asphalt pavements were removed to DEN’s recycling yard and crushed for future airport maintenance use.