Timberleaf by DR Horton is a master-planned community in Thornton, CO.

The Timberleaf Residential Development, located on former farmland in Thornton, Co, is one of our first Turnkey Developments for DR Horton and consisted of four phases that will eventually become 252 homes.  Phase 1 utility work began in December 2019, with DR Horton requesting that the work be complete by August 2020. In March 2020, DR Horton decided to move forward with the earthwork, utilities, and structures in Phase 1. 

IHC Scott mobilized multiple utility and grading crews to meet DR Horton’s schedule. We completed the mainline sanitary sewer, storm drainage as well and water mains and services, while simultaneously completing two ponds (including the outlet structures, trickle channels and toe walls). This work was done in tight coordination with the utility crews to allow for 24 storm drain inlets to be formed and placed in conjunction with the pond work. 

We moved straight into Phase 2 and coordinated with DR Horton’s paving subcontractor to mobilize our concrete crews to complete the curb and gutter and allow for the asphalt paving to be completed as soon as possible. Phases 3 and 4 followed seamlessly and we successfully completed this project for DR Horton, meeting their deadlines, providing a quality product, and maintaining a safe and productive worksite. 

Scope of Work

  • 1.5 million cubic yards of earthwork (sub ex & cut/fill)
  • 13,160 LF of 8’’ sanitary main
  • 252 sanitary services,
  • 17,886 LF of 8’’ water main
  • 252 water services
  • 33 fire hydrants
  • 16,687 LF of storm sewer main (18’’ – 48’’)
  • 66 inlets, 9554 LF of curb & gutter
  • 23,489 LF of 7.5’ combo curb & gutter and sidewalk
  • 14,429 LF of sidewalks and trails (4’-10’ wide) throughout the development.
  • 66 inlets, 9554 LF of curb & gutter

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