Runway 18L/36R Pavement Rehab (Final Phase) Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma

The Rehabilitation of Runway 18L-36R, Design Package 4 at Tulsa International Airport was the fourth and final phase of the removal and replacement of the Airport’s main runway. This last phase consisted of the reconstruction of the intersection of Runway 18L-36R and Runway 8-26, as well as reconstruction of three taxiway connectors on Runway 18L-36R.

​Both runways capable of handling the larger commercial aircraft had to be completely shut down during the intersection work, which was designed to be completed during 12 each – 63.5 hour weekend runway closures. IHC proposed a schedule change that allowed the completion of one more lane per weekend than planned by contract. After successful completion of a test section, the Owner accepted the revised schedule. This change made it possible to complete the intersection paving in 8 weekends, effectively eliminating 1/3 of the planned schedule.

​Each weekend’s work consisted of removal and replacement of approximately 2500 sy of 20-22” PCCP, subgrade repair, aggregate base placement/excavation, runway centerline and edge lights, underdrain, asphalt shoulder paving, striping, grading. The PCC (600’ X 37.5’) was replaced with 20” high-early PCC. The critical nature of the work required that a backup concrete batch plant and concrete paver be available in case of a breakdown. Both concrete plants and pavers were fired up and tested prior to each weekend’s pour and remained online until all concrete was placed. Reconstruction of the taxiway connectors took place on weekdays.

​100% of the removed concrete was recycled. The concrete was crushed and reused as fill for a future airport development area. The embedded steel was separated and recycled at a local facility. All phases of this project were completed either ahead of schedule or on time, with zero lost-time accidents.

​The project received the Oklahoma Chapter ACPA Gold award for Commercial Service & Military Airports.