Weld County Road 47 Final Phase Completing the Multiphase Project

Reconstruction of Weld County Road 47 was the 3rd and final phase in the completion of the Weld County Road 49 Corridor, providing a north-south alternate to I-25 and US85.

​The largest project designed completely in-house by the County, WCR47 was an existing 2 lane rural asphalt road with ditches on both sides. The roadway now includes 4 lanes, a continuous 16’ general purpose lane, acceleration and deceleration lanes at intersections, median guardrail and a new irrigation system critical to farmers.

​Over the course of the project, more than 11,000 feet of irrigation ditches were relocated into pipe. 40 new concrete structures were placed, while approximately 150,000 CY of dirt were moved and 167,135 SY of concrete were paved. A Tensar geogrid mechanically stabilized the subgrade in lieu of the typically specified R-40 subgrade. Fusion bonded epoxy dowel bars were utilized to provide steel corrosion resistance on par with stainless steel. A cure/sealer was used on the concrete to promote sulfate resistance. All concrete aggregates were mined on-site to not only meet the project demand, but also allow for the continual optimization of the mix design. A non-destructive pavement thickness system was used to determine the concrete thickness without coring into the concrete, thus reducing future maintenance issues.

​Public traffic was detoured, allowing the road to be completely closed for construction. This provided a safe construction zone, while expediting the project schedule. County Road 47 reopened five months ahead of schedule.