This Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) project constructed a new wide body aircraft parking apron large enough to accommodate two C-17 or one B747-B aircraft. WCAA chose Angelo Iafrate Construction Company as the prime contractor, performing the removals, earthwork, drainage and utilities. AICC subcontracted the Cement Treated Permeable Base (CTPB) aggregate and Portland Cement Concrete Paving to IHC.

The project was on an extremely tight schedule with only 75 calendar days to construct the entire apron. Site Access was limited due to the close proximity to the active airfield. Multiple hauling activities had to be carefully coordinated to allow all operations to flow without interruption. Paving operations worked around the construction of the base and grading operation. Paving lanes were constructed so that HMA shoulder paving could be started and completed, keeping the project on schedule. The average PWL achieved was 105, well above the 90 required.