ww clyde employees

At WW Clyde, we value people and are committed to providing a safe workplace for every employee. We do this by emphasizing the importance of professional development and educational opportunities to ensure we’re building careers. 

In 2021, WW Clyde began placing a greater emphasis on training for its employees, particularly leaders. A key focus has been to provide more structured processes and consistency across the company. We want our employees to continuously improve, and these trainings are key to that. 

This process has become a team effort from individuals across departments. Trainings are being created that cater to specific employee groups including project coordinators, project managers, project engineers, foremen, and superintendents. The trainings range in topics from earthwork to software programs such as Viewpoint. 

In addition, full guides have been created based on the training to be used for reference and future onboarding. The guides are intended to be living documents that are constantly updated. 

Following feedback from last year’s trainings, and to build upon previous exercises, new hands-on trainings are being created and implemented in 2022. 

Many of the trainings are created by senior leaders with decades of experience within the company. If there’s an expert in the field, trainings are being created to help everyone excel performing the same job functions. 

Length has varied from one-off training sessions of a few hours to multi-day sessions, sometimes carried out over several months. 

Overall, the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone involved in the process is working hard to ensure that the training continues to be engaging, informative, and consistent. 

When employees come to work at WW Clyde, we want them to know how much we value them by the emphasis we put on training them to be exceptional at their craft. Our goal is to make them better at their job than they’ve ever been before. We want our employees to be the top experts in their fields, and we have processes in place to help them get there.