Layton W.W. Clyde Hawaii Joint Venture
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                            February 20, 2017   HONOLULU, Hawaii—W.W. Clyde & Co. and Layton Construction Company, LLC have announced plans to enter into a joint-venture partnership, where the two companies will bring together 155 years of combined professional construction services to serve customers in the Hawaiian Islands.   W.W. Clyde & Co. is a heavy civil construction company with a reputation for quality projects and innovative solutions. The company was founded in Springville, Utah in 1926 by Wilford W. Clyde. Currently employing more than 300 workers, W.W. Clyde completes heavy civil construction projects throughout the intermountain west, building highways, bridges, dams, airports, mines and environmental reclamation. W.W. Clyde entered the Hawaii construction market in 2015 to bring its construction expertise to island projects.   Layton Construction Company, LLC is a large commercial builder that provides general contracting, construction management and design-build construction services. Layton has more than six decades of construction services, and was founded in 1953 by Alan W. Layton. Layton is currently the 57th largest builder on the ENR Top 400 Contractors list. Layton has been building in Hawaii since 2005. High-profile projects under construction include Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach, Timber Resorts, Ae’o Tower at Ward Village and Kapolei Embassy Suites.   The joint venture was created following discussions between company presidents Jeff Clyde and David S. Layton, who both realized the benefits that could be had by bringing the forces of two great companies together as one. The companies have worked together on projects throughout the intermountain west for decades. Independently, each company found themselves working in Hawaii, and the idea for the joint venture was formed.   The Layton|W.W. Clyde joint venture will pursue projects in the islands where it’s determined there will be benefit to all parties, most importantly, the clients for whom the joint venture partners will work. The joint venture combines the strengths of these two stalwart companies: history of working in the islands, a proven “horizontal” builder of civil and earth work projects, and one of the nation’s most respected “vertical” builders of education, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and retail projects.   “We’ve shared a trusted relationship with Layton Construction for decades, as our company has worked with them on many projects. We see this joint venture as a win-win for all in the islands,” said Jeff Clyde, president of W.W. Clyde & Co.   David Layton said, “The core values of both companies are focused on integrity, quality, hard work, and in tackling tough jobs, and conquering challenges with honesty and fairness. Those are the things that will lead this joint venture to much success.”   The joint venture will be operated by the management team of Will Summerhays and Tyler Dillon, representing Layton Construction, and David Lewis and Dustin Olson, of W.W. Clyde.


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