Blount utilities work

Wet utility services have recently been reintroduced at Blount. The addition is designed to benefit clients by providing a central source to take care of both earthwork and utility scopes of work. 

“You normally have multiple players at a job site which makes it congested,” Tyler said. “We thought that we’d provide our clients with a single contractor for it all. If we install utilities and take care of the earthwork, then it’s easy to balance and control the site as a one-stop solution provider. 

“There’s a reduction in schedule duration because we can work to overlap the two scopes of work. We’re able to coordinate better, which ultimately means savings to the client. It’s easier for them in just about every facet.” 

Blount previously provided utility services up until 2017. With recent industry demand, the timing was right to begin offering those services again last year. 

“At the time we stopped providing utilities, we made a strategic decision to focus on our core services due to the economic environment,” Tyler said. “Because of this, we made the decision to shutter our wet utilities division. 

“Fast forward to 2020, the construction market began to face unprecedented challenges due to a high volume of construction, labor and equipment shortages, and material scarcity. Clients needed a solution to help mitigate delays to their projects and asked for a single-source contractor for site works.  

“Our team’s previous experience allowed us to respond rapidly to our clients’ needs. We are solution providers and take pride in helping our clients be successful.” 

“In pursuing this new project, the owner was looking for a general contractor to be an all-in-one provider. This was the only way that we’d get the project. 

“As we contemplated continuing with the bidding process, we realized that the market’s hot for utility work. We have clients calling us all the time about it. ‘Hey, do you install utilities? Do you still do that? It has been hard to find someone reliable.’ 

“And so, the decision was made to pursue this project. Outside of that, we’ve had and continue to get several other utility projects lined up.” 

As the Southwest Division of WW Clyde, Blount knows the reintroduction of utilities in commercial, industrial, and residential projects will contribute to helping build stronger foundations today for our communities tomorrow. 

“Planning and execution of construction is difficult,” Tyler said. “There are many components that have to come together, and our strength for our clients has been in providing innovative solutions to tough projects. By combining the utility scope with earthwork and grading, we’re able to deliver a better experience overall for our clients, and that’s the ultimate goal.”