David Marley

David Marley has crafted a legacy throughout the construction industry, most recently at WW Clyde, that’s as formidable as the projects he helps create.

David currently oversees the preconstruction management of WW Clyde’s energy area. With a focus on utility scale solar and wind facilities across the Intermountain West and Great Plains regions, David appreciates the company’s breadth and capacity to execute projects nearly anywhere.

“Our renewable energy area is the only non-union group within the Intermountain Division that bids and works coast to coast,” David said. “I oversee our procurement and pursual of projects across the area. My main objective is to build relationships with our partners (EPC Contractors) and procure work.”

A Passion for People

David puts in long hours in his role, but at the heart of his work ethic is a passion for people.

“What I like most about my job and construction in general is the human beings,” David said. “I want to help mentor the next generation. There are diverse pathways within the construction industry, and I enjoy educating others about the poor perceptions that many have about our field.”

Outside of his official role at WW Clyde, David also serves as an instructor for the Utah Chapter of the Associated General Contractors-Mountainland Technical College (AGC-MTECH) apprenticeship program. He’s particularly proud when he sees his students and others he works with succeed.

Colin Hill, a Construction Intern at WW Clyde, is someone who has been particularly touched by David’s leadership.

“David makes sure that all of the members on his team feel like they are valued and wanted,” Colin said. “Whether you need help on the job you’re working on or you need some advice, David is always willing to find the time to make sure you feel important.”

Overcoming Challenges

Despite the satisfaction David feels helping others, his career hasn’t been without challenges. As a gay man in construction, he’s faced his fair share of hurdles and bias.

“I am happily married to my amazing husband of 10 years, but it’s been challenging to feel like I don’t fit in,” David said. “How do you live an authentic life and still have the respect of the people around you? It sometimes feels like I’m looked at differently, and that’s something I’ve been working through my entire career.”

Facing the Future

As the construction industry evolves, David is keenly aware of additional challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, especially concerning labor shortages and the need to attract younger generations to the field. However, with leaders like David at the helm, WW Clyde is positioned to navigate these obstacles well.

He’s grateful to have ended up at WW Clyde.

“The values of the company are really what drove me to work here,” David said. “After 25 years at another company, I was looking for a locally owned place to call home. WW Clyde provides structure and processes, and they make you feel like you matter as a person. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”