Jake Roehn is quickly making a name for himself as a project engineer despite a recent career shift to the construction field. 

“I was a baseball coach at Regis University,” Jake said. “I needed a break, so I stepped away from it for a bit before deciding what to do. My dad was doing construction, and I was always interested in it. I decided to follow in his footsteps and get involved in the same field. That’s when I found IHC Scott.” 

Embracing Personal Growth and Adaptability 

What sets Jake apart is his pursuit of knowledge. Not only did he make the decision to pursue a construction management degree at Ashworth College, but he is also eager to learn from his colleagues. He’s not afraid to ask for guidance when faced with unfamiliar situations. 

“I’m still relatively new in the industry,” Jake said. “There’s a lot of things that I still need to learn. So, when I get thrown into a situation, I sometimes don’t know how to get started. Telling the guys ‘I don’t know’ rather than coming up with something out of the blue is probably the most challenging thing. I wish I had the answers for my guys every time, but that knowledge will come with time.” 

His responsibilities at IHC Scott encompass invoicing, change orders, vendor and subcontract management, and providing assistance to the project manager when needed. It’s a role that demands versatility, attention to detail, and strong communication skills. 

“I think I enjoy the office side of things most,” Jake said. “You get new challenges every day, and you’re never really doing the same thing over and over. There’s always something to do.” 

Recognizing Excellence 

Alex Kleckner, Senior Project Manager at IHC Scott, truly believes that Jake stands apart from the crowd despite having just over a year in the industry. 

“Jake has truly been a remarkable addition to our team,” Alex said. “When he first joined us, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn have really impressed me. Jake is thorough and always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He quickly became a valuable asset and has certainly exceeded my expectations. 

“I believe his progress and contributions surpass what could have been achieved even by someone with more experience. I have no doubt that Jake is committed to making a long-term career in this industry. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I am confident in his future.” 

Contributing to the Community 

As a company, IHC Scott frequently engages in volunteer activities. And Jake finds himself participating, when available. 

“My biggest goal is to make an impact on as many people as I can,” Jake said. “I love when IHC Scott gives us opportunities to volunteer. I think doing things like that while delivering a good product to the community is so key.” 

Advice for Aspiring Professionals 

For those considering a career at IHC Scott, Jake offers valuable advice as a relative newcomer. 

“Be willing to learn,” Jake said. “Have open ears, an open mind, and learn from people that have been here for a while. There are so many quality leaders in this company that will help you learn and help you with situations when you’re unsure. They invest in their employees here, and that’s why I encourage people to come to IHC Scott to work.”