Justin Dean is making strides at WW Clyde despite being with the company for just three years. As a project engineer specializing in project controls, Justin helps ensure the smooth execution of construction projects. 

A Passion for Construction 

Instead of pursuing traditional higher education out of high school, Justin joined a union in Minnesota where he received hands-on training and certifications that laid the foundation for his impressive career. His technical expertise has proven invaluable. 

“I was given training and worked to get certified on different things,” Justin said. “From there, I got into management, but I really enjoyed the technical training I received. It’s been a good ride ever since.” 

The Heart of Project Controls 

Justin’s current role involves overseeing operational consistency and project controls on a day-to-day basis. He assists in ensuring data accuracy and also provides valuable training to the project teams. 

“It’s rewarding to just be there to provide support for people,” Justin said. “I like helping them succeed both on a project level and then as they progress into different roles in their careers. That’s one of my favorite things to watch.” 

Despite the many successes he’s seen, challenges are inevitable in the construction industry. And when projects do encounter roadblocks, Justin thrives under pressure. 

“The most stressful time is when things go wrong,” Justin said. “Everybody has a deadline and for production to be slowed down, that’s not fun. But it’s an opportunity to improve our methods. It just makes tasks easier for the team to perform in the long run.” 

Monumental Projects and Family Support 

Justin’s impressive portfolio of work includes contributing to significant projects such as the Minnesota Twins Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings Stadium, and, most recently, Bangerter Highway in Utah. 

“I take pride in all the jobs I’ve done,” Justin said. “It’s intriguing and not everyone gets to be a part of such landmark projects. They mean something to me.” 

Justin has only been able to work on these projects thanks to the love and support of his wife of 20 years, Megan. 

“All my success comes from my wife and her willingness to help me along in my career,” Justin said. “If I’m successful with my family, I tend to be successful everywhere else. My family is key.” 

This sense of gratitude isn’t confined to Justin’s personal life. Kalea Lum, who works as a human resources assistant, has seen Justin’s positive attitude extended to others as he consistently makes time for all. 

“He just goes above and beyond for anyone,” Kalea said. “He is always valuing others and will always follow through with any questions! He’s a great example of someone Building a Better Community in every interaction.”